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The Birth of Qual Quarter PE

Qual Quarter branches out! Two men were sent to a certain town in India to go and sell shoes. When they got there, they each chose a place from where they would sell. To their amazement, everyone was walking barefooted, no shoes at all. When one guy saw that, he...

Consumer Profile 2012

The LBM Gay Consumer profile of 2012 is the most recent and largest comprehensive gay consumer survey in South Africa’s history. Results are of a statistical significance to researchers, marketers, academics, advertising agencies, media buyers, gay & gay-friendly...

A Road Less Travelled

“If we are an apple and you are an orange, let’s celebrate our differences - assent to make a great fruit salad: Life is not about being the same, it’s about recognizing our differences and being able to assimilate with one another” This story sound familiar? Well...

Qual Quarter 2012

Qual Quarter would like to take this opportunity of thanking all our clients for their wonderful support in 2011 – QQ continues to grow and grow, and this could not happen without you! Last year saw our quant division receiving a lot of work nationally in terms of...


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