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The Power of Back Checking

THE POWER OF BACK CHECKING – by Martha Masitha, Recruitment Manager at Qualitative Quarter. Qualitative research requires participants to match criteria given: research results hinge on this, and although it may sound simple, the job of a recruitment manager in the...

Social Media Research

As researchers we have an equal responsibility to both client and participant – and the latter is sometimes forgotten. It is of utmost importance that people who take part in our studies are protected in terms of the data they give us. They have a right to know...

Whats new at QQ!!

Qualitative Quarter can now help you with any and all Market Research needs in Mpumalanga!! Our new rural venue in Chrissiesmeer can offer simulated viewing facilities, similar to what we offer in our other rural and non formal settings.

Qual Quarter News

At the end of last year Qualitative Quarter PE had the honour of being an award winner in the Productivity SA Awards. The awards were presented at a lovely breakfast at the Beach Hotel. There were various categories of contestants – Qualitative Quarter was in the...

Qualitative Quarter, Internet research made easy

Every company needs to do research. Whether it is qualitative or quantitative, companies rely on research to make sure that they are fulfilling their customers every need. The problem is that a lot of companies do not do research. The main reason for this, simple...

How important is the purchasing power of a student?

A large majority of us were all students once. Waking up at 11h00am from Monday to Sunday and going to bed 03h00 every evening was the norm. Everyone looks at these young people and tells them that this is the best time of their lives and that it’s a time to find out...

Nicks Blog

Have you ever as a business owner wished that you could look into the future to see what your customers would be buying or how they will be behaving? If every company could see into the future, what a great world it would be. Companies would all be profitable, and...

Why Market Research is Indispensible

A look at how market research can grow a company in the post-recession era. The recent recession brought about a new phase in business; one in which companies have to think creatively in maintaining their productivity with a smaller budget. For many companies, the...

Are you for real?!

Life in the market research arena is never dull: Take for instance this occasion, when a good friend of mine and well-known moderator in our industry, was tasked by an overseas client to do an immersion – an in-home visit, followed by a lunch break, and then a shop...

Starting the Year with a Bang

How Qualitative Quarter is shifting up a gear. Well, this year is steamrolling along, but with all the exciting prospects in the air around Qualitative Quarter, it feels fresh with possibility. We are looking forward to making a splash all over South Africa in the...

Perfection is not attainable

Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we can catch Excellence It’s amazing how one’s ability can stretch but you never know it unless you’ve tried. Dreamers are architects of greatness; dream long enough and hard enough and your dream can be...


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